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Deciduous fruit introductions from Zaiger's Inc. Genetics - where fruit is bred for flavor - include commercial varieties for shipping, farmers market and fruit stand sales, as well as varieties recommended primarily for home growing. Reflecting this market diversity, some Zaiger varieties are offered by our Commercial Sales department while others are grown for wholesale distribution to retail nurseries.

The reference list below includes most of the non-exclusive, patented and named Zaiger fruit varieties currently being grown by Dave Wilson Nursery. See Zaiger Interspecifics for more information about the Zaiger interspecific hybrids.

(C): offered for Commercial Sales
(W): offered for Wholesale Sales

Interspecific Apricots
Interspecific Nectarines
Interspecific Peaches
Interspecific Plums


Garden Prince genetic dwarf (W)
All-in-One genetic semi-dwarf (W)
Independence® ('Alm-21') (C)


Apple Babe genetic dwarf (W)
Garden Delicious genetic dwarf (W)


Autumn Glo (C) (W)
Bonny (C)
Brittany Gold (C)
Earli Autumn (W)
Earlicot (C)
Flavor Giant (W)
Flora Gold (W)
Katy (C) (W)
Pixie-Cot™ genetic dwarf (W)
Poppy (C)
Royal Rosa (W)
Tri Gems (C)

Aprium® Interspecific Apricots

Autumn Sprite (C)
Betty Cot (C)
Cot-N-Candy (W)
Coral Cot (C)
Escort (C)
Flavor Delight (W)
Honey Rich (C)
Late Brittney (C)
Leah Cot (C)
Macy Cot (C)
Tasty Rich (C)
Wescot (C)

Color-Cot™ Interspecific Apricots

Bella Cerise (C)
Bella Gold (C)
Bella Rose (C)
Bella Royale (C)
Bella Sun (C)

Peacotum™ Interspecific Apricot

Bella Gold (W)


Craig's Crimson (W)
Minnie Royal (C) (W)
Rosie Rainier (C)
Royal Edie (C)
Royal Elaine (C)
Royal Hazel (C)
Royal Helen (C)
Royal Lee (C) (W)
Royal Lynn (C)
Royal Rainier (C) (W)

Nectarines, Genetic Dwarf

Garden Delight (W)
Nectar Babe (W)
Necta Zee (W)

Nectarines, White

Arctic Belle (C)
Arctic Blaze (C) (W)
Arctic Glo (W)
Arctic Jay (C) (W)
Arctic Mist (C)
Arctic Pride (C)
Arctic Queen (C) (W)
Arctic Rose (C) (W)
Arctic Snow (C)
Arctic Star (C)
Arctic Sweet (C)
Heavenly White (W)
Polar Light (C)

Nectarines, Yellow

April Glo (C)
August Glo (C) (W)
Autumn Blaze (C)
Desert Dawn (W)
Desert Delight (W)
Double Delight (W)
Earliglo (C)
Flame Glo (C)
Honey Blaze (C) (W)
Honey Diva (C)
Honey Fire (C)
Honey Gem (C)
Honey Haven (C)
Honey Kist (C) (W)
Honey Lite (C)
Honey May (C)
Honey Royale (C)
Honey Sweet (C)
Jolly Red Giant (W)
Juneglo (W)
Kay Glo (C)
Liz's Late (W)
Mayglo (C)
Red Roy (C)
Red Ryan (C)
Royal Giant (C)
Royal Glo (C)
Spring Fire (C)
Zee Fire (C)
Zee Glo (W)
Zee Grand (C)

Nectaplum® Interspecific Nectarine

Spice Zee (C) (W)

Peaches, Genetic Dwarf

Garden Gold (W)
Garden Sun (W)
Honey Babe (W)
Pix Zee (W)

Peaches, White

Arctic Supreme (W)
Glacier (C)
Klondike (C)
Sauzee Lady (C)
Sauzee Queen (C)
September Snow (C)
Sierra Snow (C)
Snow Angel (C)
Snow Beauty (C) (W)
Snow Fall (C)
Snow Fire (C)
Snow Gem (C)
Snow Giant (C) (W)
Snow King (C) (W)
Spring Snow (C)
Sugar Giant (C)
Sugar Lady (C) (W)
Sugar May (C) (W)
Summer Sweet (C)
White Lady (C) (W)
Yukon King™ (C)

Peaches, Yellow

August Pride (W)
Brittney Lane (C)
Country Sweet (C)
Double Jewel (W)
Earlirich (C) (W)
Earlitreat (C) (W)
Eva's Pride (W)
Fiesta Gem (C)
June Pride (C) (W)
Kaweah (C)
May Pride (W)
Mid-Pride (W)
Royal Gold (W)
Sauzee Pride (C)
Sierra Rich (C)
Spring Treat (C)
Sugar Time (C)
Summer Zee (C)
Super Lady (C)
Super Rich (C)
Super Zee (C)
Sweet Blaze (C)
Sweet Crest (C)
Sweet Dream (C)
Sweet Henry (C)
Sweet Juana (C)
Sweet Scarlet (C)
Sweet September (C)
Sweet Shasta (C)
Tra-Zee (C) (W)
Valley Sweet (C)
Vista (C)
Zee Diamond (C) (W)
Zee Lady (C)

Peaches, Canning Clingstone

Klamath (C)
Stanislaus (C)
Tuolumne (C)

Peach X Plum hybrid

Tri-Lite (W)

Plums, Japanese

Betty Anne (C)
Crimson Glo (C)
Earliqueen (C)
Emerald Beaut (C) (W)
Hiromi Red (C)
Joanna Red (C)
Rubirosa (C)

Plumcot Interspecific

Flavorella (W)

Cherry-plum Interspecific Plums

Delight (W)
Sprite (W)

Pluerry™ Interspecific Plum

Candy Heart (W)
Sweet Treat (W)

Pluot® Interspecific Plums

Amigo 1 (C)
Amigo 2 (C)
Black Kat (C)
Candy Stripe (C)
Coparose (C)
Crimson Heart (C)
Crimson Royale (C)
Dapple Dandy (C) (W)
Dapple Fire (C)
Dapple Jack (C)
Dapple Supreme (C)
Early Dapple (C)
Emerald Drop (W)
Fall Fiesta (C)
Flavor Crisp (C)
Flavor Fall (C)
Flavor Finale (W)
Flavor Gem (C)
Flavor Gold (C)
Flavor Grenade (C) (W)
Flavor Heart (C)
Flavor Jewel (C)
Flavor King (C) (W)
Flavor Queen (C) (W)
Flavor Rouge (C)
Flavor Royale (C)
Flavor Supreme (C) (W)
Flavor Treat (C)
Flavorich (C) (W)
Flavorosa (C) (W)
Geo Pride (W)
Gypzee (C)
Honey Punch (C)
Royal Treat (C)
Ruby Kat (C)
Sierra Rose (C)
Splash (W)
Spring Flavor (C)

Zaiger Interspecifics

Interspecific hybrids result from the cross-breeding of two or more species, usually through multiple generations. Breakthroughs by Zaiger Genetics in fruit hybridizing are yielding new fruit types and cultivars with especially desirable new flavors, aromas, textures, degrees of sweetness and appearances.

Listed below are the various kinds of patented and trademarked Zaiger Interspecific Fruit – chiefly hybrids of Prunus species salicina, armeniaca, persica and avium (plum, apricot, peach/nectarine and cherry, respectively) - classified according to their predominant horticultural characteristics, i.e. the fruit type they most resemble, their cultural fruit type. Included also are the highly successful Zaiger Interspecific Rootstocks.


Interspecific Apricot
Aprium® complex Prunus hybrid primarily of apricot and plum (Prunus armeniaca, Prunus salicina) with dominant parentage of apricot and having fruit resembling apricot
Color-Cot™ complex Apricot hybrid (Prunus armeniaca hybrid) having fruit resembling apricot with pubescent skin strongly blushed red or orange-red
Cultivars: Commercial
Peacotum® complex apricot-plum-peach hybrid (P. persica, P. armeniaca, P. salicina) with dominant parentage of apricot and having fruit resembling apricot
Interspecific Nectarine
NectaPlum® Nectarine hybrid (P. persica var. nucipersica hybrid) having fruit resembling nectarine
Interspecific Peach
Peach-Plum Hybrid (P. persica hybrid) having fruit resembling peach
Interspecific Plum
“Cherry Plum” Hybrid myrobalan plum x Japanese plum (P. cerasifera, P. salicina)
Cultivars: Home Garden
Pluerry™ complex Prunus hybrid, primarily of plum and cherry (P. salicina, P. avium) with dominant parentage of plum and having fruit resembling plum
Pluot® complex Prunus hybrid with dominant parentage of plum (Prunus salicina) and having fruit resembling plum
Plumcot simple cross of plum and apricot (Prunus salicina, P. armeniaca)
Cultivars: Home Garden



Atlas® peach-almond-plum-apricot hybrid
– (Prunus persica, P. dulcis, P. cerasifera, P. mume)
Citation peach-plum hybrid (Prunus persica, Prunus salicina)
Viking® peach-almond-plum-apricot hybrid
– (Prunus persica, P. dulcis, P. cerasifera, P. mume)

Aprium®, Pluot® NectaPlum® and Peacotum® are registered trademarks of Zaiger’s Inc. Genetics of Modesto, California for certain complex Prunus interspecific hybrids with dominant parentage of and/or fruit resembling apricot, plum and nectarine, respectively. Color-Cot™ and Pluerry™ are trademarks of Dave Wilson Nursery for certain complex Prunus interspecific hybrids with dominant parentage of and/or fruit resembling apricot, apricot, and plum, respectively.

Atlas® and Viking® are registered trademarks of Zaiger’s Inc. Genetics for interspecific rootstock cultivars.

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