The Fruit Tasting Report - Taste Test Winners (2014)

2014 Edition

For over 20 years Dave Wilson Nursery has conducted formal fruit tastings, compiling over 43,000 individual variety ratings while evaluating over 1,700 fruit samples. The primary objectives of the tastings and the report are to 1) provide retail nursery personnel and home orchardists with knowledge of the best tree-ripe home orchard fruit, and 2) afford DWN a systematic means of evaluating new varieties.

Fruit Tasting Report 2014

Cover: Overview, Highlights for 2013 & 2014

Pages 2-3: Consistently High-Scoring Varieties, Top Scores by Fruit Type

Pages 4-5: Top Scores By Year, 1993-2014

Pages 6-7: Harvest Date Chart of Top Varieties, Top 20, Discussion

Page 8: Scoring System, Master Fruit Tasters

Several fruit tastings have been conducted at locations around California and the cumulative panel has become quite diverse, including members of the California Rare Fruit Growers, media representatives and academia in addition to retail nursery professionals.

Page 8 of the Fruit Tasting Report lists the DWN Master Fruit Tasters, folks who have served on the panel at two or more formal tastings, in two or more different fruit seasons.

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