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Note Regarding Fruit Variety Bloom Seasons

In the Dave Wilson Nursery website Home Garden catalog, the bloom season given for a fruit variety is relative to other varieties of the same fruit type as observed at or estimated for Hickman, California. Since they can vary from year to year, stated bloom seasons are necessarily approximations. Actual bloom times as well as the bloom sequence of varieties can vary dramatically from year to year and climate to climate. Springtime warm and cold spells can start and stop the progress of flower development at different stages for different varieties. Also, a variety's chilling and heat requirements for bloom can result in different relative bloom times from one year or location to the next. For example, a high-chill, low heat requirement fruit variety could be an early bloomer relative to others of its type in a cold climate or year, but a relatively later bloomer after a warmer winter. Regarding fruit types for the bloom season data, interspecifics are included with the fruit type they most closely resemble. Prunes are included with plums. Obviously, information about fruit tree bloom timing can be especially useful when evaluating possible pollenizer pairs and when selecting varieties for a location prone to spring frost.

last edit 9/9/2019

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