DWN Website Top 50 - Home Garden Tree Fruit Varieties

50 most frequently accessed variety pages

For the 12-month period ended September 30, 2015, the 50 tree fruit varieties listed below were the most frequently accessed of the more than 300 tree fruit variety pages in the Dave Wilson Nursery Home Garden/Retail Nursery catalog. The most-accessed measure is unique pageviews: the number of website user sessions during which a specific page was viewed.

The varieties of the DWN Website Top 50 list happen to be mostly low-chill, reflecting the major DWN markets of the San Francisco Bay Area, southern California and Arizona. Growers in some climates will also be interested in the DWN Top 40 Home Garden Tree Fruit Varieties, 500+ Chill Hours. Both lists are offered as possible starter checklists for home growers researching tree fruit varieties to plant.

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